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Adaptations to the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) Ley 15/1999

What is Data Protection Law (LOPD) - y quien obliged to comply Dicha Ley
The Act is the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data, which came into force in January 2000. Compliance is obliged PARA All Personas physical (individual or Autónomos) Jurídicas (Companies, Associations, foundations, etc) and administration Públicas that tengan in its power cualquier TPO fichero (soporte informatico or papel) which content personal Data (Ya sean customers, Suppliers, Employee, Usuarios, visitors, etc.) they must fulfill a series of requisitos on its funcionamiento, y debe inscribir ficheros legislation at the Data Protection Agency.

If your company has not registered such ficheros the Agency or cumple con su tratamiento in the Procedimientos exigidos is incumpliendo la ley y puede sufrir gravel economic sanctions, ranging from the € 601.01 and alcanzar los puedo reach 601,012, € 10

La Agencia de Protección de Datos has potestad to undertake an Inspection of your company, which can act officio, or by exposing an empleado unhappy, a customer dissatisfied or incluso its own competence, which hayan warned its unsuitability to ley y pretendan damage to your company to achieve its Objectives.

ORDINASOFT, offers the opportunity to regularizar the situation of your company with respect to the Act, realizándo the signing of its data files Data and elaborándo its Document de Seguridad: a manual that your company must own and fulfill to secure los requisitos de la ley.

On the LOPD

For one of the best entendimiento ley, le presentamos a brief summary of the most important aspects in it is contemplating.

The Law 15/99 on Personal Data Protection (LOPD) tiene como objeto "secure and protected in what concerns the tratamiento de los datos personales, the Libertad Públicas y los derechos silage fundamentales of the people, and especially of their honor and personal intimacy and family. "

Para ello establecia be the Principles of Data Protection, where we will dispose of the information rights in the Data pick of consentimiento holder the details of rectification and cancellation.

The main Novedad de la ley opposite the previous regulations of the Organic Law 5/92 of automated Treatment of the Personal Data, which is based on its validity be applied to cualquier tipo de fichero, entendiendo such as "todo organizado conjunto de datos personal Anyone who fuere form or modality of its creation, storage, access and organizational. "

For adecuarse the Act, it is mandatory notification e-registration registration of fichero the Agencia de Protección de Datos, an expert in Public Law whose Objective is "overseeing fear the pursuance of legislation on Data protection and control their application, especially as regards the rights of information, access, rectification, cancellation and Data OPPOSITION. "

In addition to the inscriptions of fichero is necesario the company MEET with the obligations establecidas under the law, as are the notification to the owner of the details about the inclusion of Esto in fichero facilitating the Right to consultation, modification, rectification and Cancelling all the same, fulfill the Deber secreto profesional, etc.

Todo ello be complemented comes with the obligations Fear overseeing the security of los datos, con el fin de protegerlos alterations, Perdido Treatment or no access autorizado.

To secure the security of los datos, responsible for the file or charge of Treatment "will be required to take the Measurements of technical and organizativas necesarias garanticen that the security of the Personal Data." For those automated data files will approve the Royal Decree 994/99, the fear that down the "Regulation of Security Measures of the automated Ficheros that contengan Personal Data." Among the measures to be taken at the appropriate level consists was adopted security, which is based on the establecia Procedimientos mínimos implement.

The Act provides for offenses and sanctions las empresas para la ley not cumplan, dividiéndolas offenses cams, gravel and very gravel, con los fines ranging from € 601.01 to € 60,101.21 them until the cams, y puedo llegar hasta 601,012 10 € for the very gravel. Among the offenses cams is no incluye notify the Data Protection Agency the creation of a fichero. And not adopt the hecho las medidas de seguridad establecidas in document security supone a grave offenses.

¿Qué consiste in our service adaptations to the Act?
Procedure The complete disintegration adaptación consiste on the following:

1 - Determination of the applicable security level.
2 - Registration of the Data ficheros individuals.
3 - Elaboración manual security.
4 - adaptation of the documentation of your company.
5 - Formation in its Employee Materias LOPD.
6 - Inspection security informatics.
7 - medidas de seguridad informática applications.
8 - External audit every two years to monitor the Compliance Manual security (in the relevant cases.)

documentary Analysis
The complete adaptation of the Data Protection Act Requires updated documentos de todos aquellos studies that Rechab datos personales, as well as in para aquellos whose redacción haya been necesario datos personales extras. Such documentos They must inform the owner of the finalidad for details about the legislation at that adquieren details, as well as the existence of a fichero Data, on which they can perform consultation, modification or cancellation.

ORDINASOFT, analizará its documentation existente le y documentos inform you what to modify and what changes, they have to perform to be in pursuance of the Act.

Among the different requisitos establecidos the Act fits emphasize the obligations of the Employee por parte de conocer a company to fulfill the Document de Seguridad y.

For facilitarle the work of asimilación such Documento por parte de sus Employee, ORDINASOFT, offers the possibility to perform a cursillo Training on the Act, where we will explain the different puntos importantes de la ley y is the will give you formación on the Procedimientos establecidos in the Document de Seguridad.

Asesoría Informática de Seguridad
If the pursuance of the Document de Seguridad Independently produced for your company no fuera suficiente to secure the security of its facilities that ley exige, ORDINASOFT, offers su conocimiento in Materias de seguridad informática para elaborarle a technical plans medidas de seguridad, procediendo in the Siguientes disintegration:

Analysis of its facilities. Assessment puntos weak. Report Measures to implement.

That way, your company divulging con el conocimiento of your current situation (vulnerabilities) and Como solve the debilidades to offer a level of security appropriate Established in grado por la ley.

In addition to achieve its adecuación the ley regarding Data protection, the security informática le will prevent ante Possible attack that your company pudiera sufrir, evitando that software malicious Puedo provocarle Irregularities in its infrastructure, the which impacted very negativamente the capacity of its production company.

Measures deployments de Seguridad Informática
If your company has requested the services of the Council for Security Informática y necesita implement las medidas Additional Proposals in the report prepared ORDINASOFT, offers total libertad en su decisión: can go to your supplier / installer current computer, or can request presupuesto in ORDINASOFT, which will offer different solutions to choose to cover its requerimientos.