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Obligation to record all workday WORKERS

Mandatory workday record all workers regardless ARE COMPLETE OR PART-TIME WORKERS; Overtime, accessories U Meeting.

Already in 1994 (Article 35.5 of the ET) there was a policy change in the administration interprets the compulsory registration of hours, extra ordinary workers and part-time or full.
This modification to date was not understood as a priority when he had an inspection requests usually nominal. social security, risk prevention and other matters, but infrequently requested registration of hours.
Now the roots of two judgments of the High Court Social Room (04.12.2015 and 19.02.2016)

"Las empresas deben tener a register of hours of the Employee, in order to be able to ensure control of the extraordinarias hours. This control, según la Audiencia Nacional, owes realizarse inclusive Compañías FOR PRESENTATION not be in the Hagan horas extras"

The company can adopt any means whether, electronic, electronics, computers, or app that allows manual recording mode and permanent objective, the day workers with their time of entry and exit, allowing the aggregation monthly day, delivering a copy of the monthly summary for workers.
Being available records, whether electronic, computer, etc. available to any request by the visit of the inspection, with the possibility of printing them and the duty to be preserved for at least four years.

These systems must guarantee the reliability and invariance of the data, and if the model is manual, contain mandatory signature daily worker.

In case of breach of the aforementioned obligasciones registration, the contract is presumed held in full, unless evidence to the contrary proving its partial service